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RealtyTrac customers are your friends, co-workers and competition. Our members come from all walks of life, from professional real estate agents and investors, all the way to the guy next door who closed an amazing deal on his new home. Here are a few of our favorites.


  • Frederic G. - Miami, FL

    It’s not brain surgery if you have the underlying data. RealtyTrac provided to me sufficient data that permitted me to identify, and then bid on foreclosed properties at the Clerk’s Sale. My first stab at it, using the RealtyTrac data resulted in me acquisition of a 3,400 s.f. luxury condominium for $592,000. I have the property under contract at $775,000. The net profit, after brokerage commissions, will be roughly $165,000. Not bad for a day’s work.


  • Mike E. - West Covina, CA

    I have been using RealtyTrac for years and find this site to be one of the most useful real estate tools in my real estate tool chest. It is my one stop website for all my needs!


  • Amy S. - Seattle, WA

    When we saw how much information was included in each listing on RealtyTrac, we were amazed. I have to say that after searching for foreclosures on other sites, I am impressed by the level of detail that is included on the RealtyTrac site. There are even modules that break down all relevant data for me including down payment percentage, PMI information and property tax information. RealtyTrac provides a great way for me to minimize my home buying search efforts while helping me maximize the quality of the homes I am able to find.


  • Joseph S. - Los Angeles, CA

    RealtyTrac's mobile site removes the frustration when searching for properties on the go!


  • Corey F. - Chicago, IL

    It's a sweet deal. I thank God — and I thank RealtyTrac. Your straightforward service is unbelievable. RealtyTrac played a key role in this purchase.


  • Chris and Denise M. - Santa Barbara, CA

    My wife and I got on the free seven day trial over a year ago. We got the addresses and information on homes in several states. We put offers in on homes in two states. One of the homes the realtors in the area were not even aware was on a short sale list. It took several months to close the first home. The second one on the short sale list took one year and two months to close. Thanks to RealtyTrac, we are now the owner of two homes which gained appreciation immediately as we purchased them at such a low price.


  • Adrianne M. - Etna, CA

    My and husband and I enjoy our membership with RealtyTrac. Early on I used the real estate guides to educate myself about terms and processes that I wasn't familiar with. They are great to go back to for a quick refresher when I forget something. We are looking to relocate so I will be "on the search" again soon and RealtyTrac has always been the most user friendly and my favorite real estate site.


  • Lisa H. - Stockton, CA

    I truly would not have my home if it wasn't for RealtyTrac. Your website is awesome. My new home is killer beautiful.


  • Johnathan H. - Lakewood, NJ

    I love the clear layout and all the information that RealtyTrac puts at my fingertips, thanks!


  • Louise F. - Roseland, NJ

    Thank you for a GREAT service! RealtyTrac put us in touch with a local real estate professional who specializes in distressed homes, foreclosures and short sales. We were very intimidated about purchasing a 2nd home since the economic climate is much different from our last purchase over 10 years ago. We found our dream home, which was a short sale, and were guided through the lengthy process right up until the closing. The real estate professionals you recommend on your website are what make your company stand out from the rest.

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