What does Transfer Value mean on RealtyTrac?

The Transfer Value refers to the purchase price of the property the last time it transferred ownership.

For pre-foreclosures (NOD, LIS, NTS, NFS), this means the amount the owner in default paid for the property when he or she bought it. The Trans Date is the date the property was purchased for that amount.

If the property is an REO, the Transfer Value is referring to the amount the foreclosing lender "paid" to repossess the property. This includes the unpaid loan balance plus any additional costs and fees the lender may have incurred during the foreclosure process.

The Transfer Value is not necessarily an amount you as a buyer will have to pay, but it is simply provided to give you some background on the amount the current owner has sunk into the property. This helps you as a buyer determine how much the current owner needs to at least break even.

For more details on interpreting the Transfer Value in context of the property value and how much you should offer see the following question in RealtyTrac's knowledge base:

What does the Amount listed on RealtyTrac mean?

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