How do I find out about the liens on a property?

Additional liens against a property (these can include delinquent taxes) can be researched several ways.

1. Subscribers can view the Foreclosure History section on any pre-foreclosure, auction or bank-owned Property Details page to view a list of data records RealtyTrac has for that property. Other data records may have more details about the property that were not on the original Property Details page. Subscribers can use this tool to check if previous foreclosure notices have been filed and if more than one lender is foreclosing on the property.

2. Contact an Agent to find a local real estate agent in the RealtyTrac Agent Network who can help you buy a property. If you give them the address or parcel number of the property on RealtyTrac, many real estate agents have access to title information that allows them to research a property and find the liens against the property.

4. Contact the local property assessor (either through county or city government) and ask who is listed as the owner of the property. The assessor should also have the owner's mailing address. Go to to find the local property assessor in your area.

It's important to research liens before you buy a property, whether the property is a foreclosure or not, because you as the buyer may be responsible for paying off those liens.

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