Why does my search result in no matching records?

It's possible there are no properties currently listed in the area you're searching, but more likely you may have entered too-narrow search criteria that are eliminating search results. We suggest removing any price range, number of beds and baths, and recording date on your search.

It may be there are no matching records for the status of foreclosure (pre-foreclosure, auction, bank owned) for which you searched. Check the headings at the top of the Search Results page to see if there are results for different statuses of foreclosure. Just click on the appropriate heading to view the property list for that foreclosure status.

Here are specific steps to search for properties that should ensure you get access to all the properties listed in your area.

1. Point your browser to

2. Type your Username (usually your e-mail) and Password and hit the "Go" button at the top of the home page. (If you're not a subscriber, Register for a 7-day free trial subscription to get full access to RealtyTrac's property data and services.)

3. Select a state and county to search or click on the "City/Zip Code" option and type in a city name (i.e. Springfield) or zip code (i.e. 60617) and click on "Begin Search."

4. On your first search, DO NOT fill in any other information like price range, beds and baths range, or recording date range.

5. If you search by city, make sure you spell the city correctly and type in the correct format (i.e. either "Springfield" or "Springfield, IL").

6. You should get a list of properties displayed on the screen and you can click on the Property Address to get more details on any property.

7. Click on "More Options" at the top of the screen to go back and narrow down your search or change your search.

8. You also should try searching the commercial property listings at some point when you modify your search. Sometimes a property you saw before you subscribed may have been classified as commercial, or you may just be interested in commercial property. When you modify search, just click on the radio button beside "Commercial" under "Property Type," which is near the bottom of the Advanced Search page.

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