What are the subscription rates for downloading property data?

What are the subscription rates for downloading property data?

RealtyTrac subscribers can use the Download tool on the Search Results page to download property records into a printable format or into an Excel spreadsheet format. RealtyTrac restricts the number of downloaded records per month based on subscription type. 

1. Monthly Subscription 
This is the standard subscription in which new subscribers are automatically enrolled. The cost is $49.95 per month and subscribers have access to download and print property detail for up to 300 records per month. This does not limit the amount of properties that subscribers can view online. It only affects the property records downloaded or printed using the Download feature. 

2. Mega Download Subscription 
This subscription type allows subscribers to download property data for an entire county, state or even the nation. The Mega Account has no flat monthly fee.

Call our data sales department at 800-462-5165 if you are interested in the Mega Download subscription. 

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